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You may have noticed that I haven’t been writing much here, even though when I am here I tend to have writing on the brain.  Yeah, sorry about that. But y’all? I am writing, a lot of other places. In fact, I have so much writing to do that I had to turn down a really exciting book project. (Um, did you know that I’m a writer? Because I think I only just realized that. No, really.)

Besides twitter, here’s where I’ve been piling words lately:

I’ve been asked to write a short column for the student newsletter at my school. You guys, no one ever salivated so much over 200 words in her life–mostly because I’m excited to tack on the word “columnist” to my resume and start acting like a big shot at the library. This week, I’m polishing up my first column about the local farmer’s market. I get to be part-helpful and part-tongue-in-cheek-pain-in-the-ass, which you know is my favorite combination.  (Are you still thinking about how I said “ass”?) Mostly, it reminds me that I like writing, and thinking about writing. And I really like deadlines.

I also turned in a book chapter this month, part of that book on Louis Armstrong I’ve been working on for hundreds and thousands of years. You know, every time I procrastinate on this project it’s because I forget about the deep joy that comes from writing about something I love, something I have soul passion for. Louis Armstrong is like that for me. So next time I crab about how much work I have to do, remind me, will you?

Finally, Nish at Deeper Story invited me to be in the Reader Spotlight this week! I get to share about storytelling and tell a little bit of my story, and it’s great fun. (Louis and Henry may make appearances. Ahem.) I’ve been beyond excited about it, and I realized that it’s not just because I believe in what Deeper Story does (though I do); it’s also because I’m so happy to be part of a community, to have conversations that matter, to both give and take. So come over and check it out!

Do you notice a theme here? Happiness. (And italicized words.) Writing gives me a special kind of satisfaction. I’m adding that to my list of Things I Need to Remember, because I’m inclined to forget. I get too caught up in being scared of all the things I don’t know or might not do right, and it turns out I’m missing out. But this is the year of not missing out. So.

The lesson is this: if you want to make me happy, ask me to write something. If you want to send me over the moon, ask me to write something on a deadline. You’ll see my smile from the space station.

The Enterprise reads you loud and clear. Smile away.
* * *
I didn’t even know it when I wrote it, but this post has my One Word written all over it. 
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